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Advance praise for From Jars to the Stars

“Todd Neff’s From Jars to the Stars shows vividly the hopes and problems, the dreams and achievements, of the men and women who create new scientific knowledge, who build the technologies that take us into deep space, who develop the business firms and make the political decisions that turn dreams into solid achievements. This is science journalism as its best: real, exciting, and inspirational.”
Ben Bova, Author, editor, President Emeritus of the National Space Society, Fellow of the AAAS

“This the inside story, and it’s fascinating. I recommend this read!”
Alan Stern, PhD, principal investigator of New Horizons mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt and former Associate Administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate

From Jars to the Stars is an amazing and historically accurate account of the space program we take for granted today. Todd Neff’s relentless search for the story behind the story chronicles space exploration highlighting the successes and defeats of a small, dedicated company of extraordinary scientists and engineers at Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. He provides a behind-the-curtain look at the development of civil space with research that is unusually thorough. Current or future rocket scientists will find this book valuable and interesting reading.”
Charles Pellerin, PhD, author of How NASA Builds Teams and former NASA Director of Astrophysics

“With masterful writing, Neff has added an important and previously untold chapter to the history of 20th century technology. It should be required reading for everyone in the aerospace business, and will be enjoyed by anyone interested in the history of space science.”
Jeffrey Bennett, PhD, astronomer and author of Beyond UFOs and the children’s book Max Goes to the Moon

“The award-winning author has done a masterful job in telling the story that there’s more to space exploration than space and exploration – it’s the people! Neff has captured the dedication and creativity of engineers, designers and others – the collective enterprise of imagineers who make space exploration happen.”
Leonard David, the Coalition for Space Exploration